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Fuller Group Realty Advisors, LLC is an independent commercial real estate advisory firm specializing in maximizing real estate value and minimizing real estate risk.

Fuller Group saves clients money by managing transactions – sales, purchases, leases, acquisitions, and dispositions – and managing real estate costs. The firm is flexible, responsive, and objective. Its depth and variety of experience ensure accuracy and integrity.

To accomplish client objectives, Fuller Group offers six core services directed at two markets, the equity investor and the users of real estate assets/ corporate tenants. 

Due Diligence

Lease Consulting

Investment Analysis

Brokerage/Tenant Representation

Loan Underwriting

Expert Witness Services


Fuller Group differentiates itself from other real estate advisory firms by its experience providing support and guidance from both sides of the table, representing equity investors and real estate asset users.


The firm delivers optimal client strategies and solutions that uniquely address short and long-term corporate and real estate objectives critical to our clients’ business success.  Its intent is to present a clear picture of the client’s position and options so the client can confidently make informed real estate decisions.

Fuller Group’s background lets it service both the equity investor and the user of real estate assets/corporate tenant with a variety of real estate-related disciplines such as valuation, commercial brokerage, leasing, transaction due diligence, decision advisory, and financial analyses.

Fuller Group’s experience includes consulting, brokerage, and valuation services across major classes of commercial real estate. The firm’s engagements include:


Feasibility, development, and investment analyses

Purchase price allocations

Sale/leaseback analyses

Litigation support services

Lease consulting engagements

Portfolio valuations

Due diligence for portfolio acquisitions and dispositions

Commercial real estate investment brokerage

Loan underwriting for CMBS lenders and buyers 

Many of Fuller Group’s clients realize the value in letting the firm apply its expertise and time to do what needs to be done. Clients using Fuller Group are free to pursue their core competencies, making better use of their time, and ultimately saving money.




Who is advising you on the second most significant cost to your business - real estate?

· Can you imagine your company not having these trusted advisors?

  •  Legal advisor
  • Tax advisor
  • Financial advisor

· Is there more discussion and approvals in place to order your office supplies than decide on how your real estate is handled?

· Are you or someone in your company completely aware of how your real estate is affecting your company’s financial performance?


What kind of real estate advice do you receive?

· Is it a broker just showing up every 3, 5, or 10 years when your lease is up for renewal?

· Is it a permanent employee who is part of your overhead but currently underutilized or responsible for a myriad of other areas within the company?

· Is it your attorney who knows contracts inside and out but probably does not know the intricate ins and outs of the business points of real estate?

· Is it your financial advisor who is exceptional at finding you cash but may not know how to best position your real estate to serve your business needs?

· Is it your CPA who knows how to account for the lease expenses on your taxes or how to shield the capital gains from your recent sale of a property but does not know whether you received a competitive lease rate or sold at the highest possible price?


· Or is it simply a phone call or e:mail away with the expense associated with the advice and counsel tied to performance metrics related to your real estate and financial objectives?


Call or e:mail Fuller Group Realty Advisors, LLC today and ask us your most complicated or simple real estate question and let us show you the difference having a professional real estate advisor on your team can make in your company’s overall performance.